Lifetime Sport Fisher Tandem Kayak with Paddles and Backrest, Camouflage

  • Lifetime Sport Fisher Kayak Review
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  • Lifetime Sport Fisher Kayak Review
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The Lifetime Sport Fisher is the best angling kayak. The tunnel hull layout makes it feasible to stand up and fish, or to sit side-saddle without toppling. It seats approximately three individuals, providing comfy, balanced seats for solo, tandem, or family members enjoyable. With scupper openings, several foot rest settings, as well as molded carry deals with, the Sport Fisher is best for leisure fishing trips. The Lifetime Sport Fisher also includes 2 padded backrests, fishing rod owners, a 6" storage hatch, and also 2 double-sided paddles. An optional device install also makes it possible to include a tail or electrical motor to your kayak. Product size: Length=10' and Width = 3' with carry weight at 60 Lbs., and also maximum weight capability 500 pounds.

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